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Spice is the very heart and soul of Indian cooking. We, at spice of Punjab, select out key spices from the best spice farms. Unlike most Indian restaurants, our dishes are then prepared using a complex combination of these spices in a carefully orchestrated sequence.

With years of experience in food and catering service, Spice of Punjab is committed to provide the best in traditional Punjabi recipes in a modern style palatable to Canadians. We specialize in Indian dishes in general and north Indian recipes (Punjabi) in particular. Our chefs are experts in their work having years of experience in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian cuisine.

Our Indian cuisine and service have earned a great reputation amongst the dining community. Along with serving you at our place, we also offer large catering services to serve you at the place of your choice to compliment any event or theme from wedding ceremonies, get together, annual meetings, prayer rituals to pot luck parties. We always strive to serve you in the best possible way and hence invite you to experience our services.


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